Welcome to the third Bright Beauly Fair, Saturday 8th August 2020.

Beauly has been famed for it’s beauty for centuries, ‘c’est un beau lieu’ (french for ‘what a beautiful place’) was Mary Queen of Scots reaction to the grandeur of the scene when she stayed in Beauly in the 16th century and local tradition credits the naming of the village to her.

Set around an attractive square – one of the largest in the Highlands – Beauly is a charming, thriving and bustling Highland village with varied shops, eating places, hotels and guesthouses.

With its sublime location, being en route to the West coast of Scotland and 20 minutes from Inverness, it’s no wonder Beauly became the key market centre for cattle and sheep as well as an outlet for timber during the 17th century.

Bright Beauly Fair is a one-stop creative, sensory and immersive experience showcasing the talent and skills of brilliant Scottish Highlands & Islands designer-makers, artists and cooks of the highest calibre.

Aimed at children and adults, there will be something for everyone. Join us for an inspiring day of craft demonstrations and workshops, immersive theatre, musical performances, poetry reading, story telling, delicious food and drink and so much more.

The Bright Beauly team would like to thank the Highland Council and the Beauly Community Council for their help, support and for making the fair possible.